Wednesday, August 5, 2009

missing out on the good stuff

So I was in wally world couple days ago and have come to notice something more and more. When I was over seas I really didn't think much of it, but it seems the trend has made its way over here.
Why is it that when you go out you have to have an I pod shoved so far into your head and the volume so loud that you miss out on all the good stuff in the world.

I love to go out and people watch. It is what makes me the most alive and in touch with my surroundings and I truly feel that my hearing has increased more than ever before when trying to listen in on someone talk about something I have great interest in. I just feel those people are missing out on the things in the world that make it a memorable one. Would you go to a bakery and not smell. Would you go to a park and not see the breath taking surroundings.

I don't know call me crazy I guess but I feel that you miss out on a lot in life when you don't have all your senses going.

hope everyone is having a great day and next time you are out, just close your eyes and listen to what you may be missing out on :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

not the best start but here we go

So here is a nice blog for you… Why is it that when you do something wrong everyone is there to remember it and shove it in your face till the day you die and when you do something great there is not a soul there!

So on the same note why is it when you are doing something very life changing ie like going to buy a house, having a kid and for once the attention is on you so when you get it right and you know you will you can wade in the pool of praise someone has to come and pull the fucking rug out just because they are not in the damn spot light. I have had it . My husband and I both have family members that like to do this .. they are both so about them self that it makes you want to puke and you can never get a word in when the conversation has shifted to them. And you know it always will.

I have had it with having to be the bigger person .. why can’t I for once be the bitch and just tell it like it is to the people I want?!? Don’t I deserve that right? I think I do. Why is it that you have to be the good person when in the end of it all , you do the good person thing and then you stay up all night cause you know that you just lied to yourself and were made to compromise who you are! And what makes you click !

Those who know me know that I can be a bitch but on the same note I can also be the person that will go out of their way to make you a cake when you are blue.

.. ..

My point being I just want to vent so here it goes and if the people that I am talking about read it then good for them and I feel I can say “ now you know my true feelings “

.. ..

Why can’t I have the spotlight for once, What the fuck were you smoking that made you think you should wear that to my wedding omfg it has made me hate you that much more! Who cares if you are getting a divorce you are a bitch and I don’t blame him for leaving your sorry ass. NO you are not psychic so stop saying that you are you are only making yourself look so fucking stupid ! You made my wedding something to remember and not for a good thing but for how you had to put your special little fuck up in it ! thank you, you fucking whore! You are the worst sister in the world. I hate when moms make you be all close and use that stupid fucking line

“ you only have one sister /brother" Yeah by blood , but I think of some of my closest friends as my sisters and they are 10 times better than you even if i was fighting with them. .. There are reasons why you don’t get along with a person. I hate it when people make you contact the person you hate the most when all you want to do is scratch out their eyes!

.. ..

Oh and last I HATE PPL THAT PUSH GOD DOWN YOUR THROAT!!!! Yes I believe but I have chosen not to choke others with it and I think that you should too!

.. ..

Ok I feel a little better but I do have to keep some of it in.. I use it for other fights lol