Wednesday, August 5, 2009

missing out on the good stuff

So I was in wally world couple days ago and have come to notice something more and more. When I was over seas I really didn't think much of it, but it seems the trend has made its way over here.
Why is it that when you go out you have to have an I pod shoved so far into your head and the volume so loud that you miss out on all the good stuff in the world.

I love to go out and people watch. It is what makes me the most alive and in touch with my surroundings and I truly feel that my hearing has increased more than ever before when trying to listen in on someone talk about something I have great interest in. I just feel those people are missing out on the things in the world that make it a memorable one. Would you go to a bakery and not smell. Would you go to a park and not see the breath taking surroundings.

I don't know call me crazy I guess but I feel that you miss out on a lot in life when you don't have all your senses going.

hope everyone is having a great day and next time you are out, just close your eyes and listen to what you may be missing out on :)